ContourFlex Gluteal Implant - Round
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ContourFlex Gluteal Implant - Round

Product Information

You want to give your patients the best – and ContourFlex Gluteal implants are the softest, most natural-feeling silicone gluteal implants available anywhere.  Not only will your patients be pleased with the results you give them, but you will find that ContourFlex implants are easy to work with.  The flexibility and softness means they can be rolled to a smaller size, allowing smaller incisions, and the hand-smoothed edges will fit the patient more naturally – with both subfascial and intramuscular placements.
Cat.No. A B C Volume
CCB5-K-1 10.5 10.5 2.3 124cc
CCB5-K-2 11.5 11.5 2.7 170cc
CCB5-1 13.5 13.5 3.5 310cc
CCB5-2 13.5 13.5 4.1 360cc
CCB5-3 14.5 14.5 4.1 400cc
CCB5-4 13.5 13.5 5.0 460cc
Dimensions in Centimeters